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» Comics - Page 13 - February 16th, 2007, 11:04 am

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Author Comments:

Kup-chan, February 16th, 2007, 11:10 am

uggghhh... only two more pages of this freak.

I had off school again today, and I am starting to get bored at home all alone.

I've been listining to the rockinest song evea! Heres a link!


It's in russian!!! The guys in this video are to die for!

~<3 you all, Kup

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User Comments:

Devdasi, February 16th, 2007, 4:01 pm

;_____; he's gunna die pyo!! ;_______;

Anasha, February 16th, 2007, 4:05 pm

OH no Damien! <(T_T)> Sexy Angel go help! he looks so fab in the last panel ^^

And OMG! You listne to Russian techno too! Isn't it just fab! I lurve this song when I 1syt say it I watched it over and over because the guys were gorgeous but there is this one random GORGEY asian guy who they don't show much but he sorta stands out! I melt when I see him lol ^^

shadowsteph, February 16th, 2007, 7:07 pm

Ah, he looks so distressed in the last panel.
Almost makes me feel bad for him XD

Blue_Star, February 16th, 2007, 8:18 pm

I didn't upderstand a single thing in the video, but the music was good.
I like the last panel, is like he deosn't want to let it happen. HOw cute.

fukafukashita, November 1st, 2007, 11:30 pm

omg- the dads gonna kill damien...omg!

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